Welcome to the Wonk

Welcome to The Media Wonk blog. And a special welcome to former readers of Content Agenda (moment of silence), where the Wonk first appeared. As you may have heard, Reed Business Information, which owned Content Agenda, recently decided not to continue supporting the site. As I was the full-time editor of the site, they decided not to continue supporting me, either, and so I have “moved on,” as they say. This blog is my own doing.

Content Agenda readers will find much here that is familiar. But the emphasis will be somewhat different. Although I’m sure I’ll be commenting on developments in the digital media business, and linking to items of interest, my goal is not to attempt comprehensive news coverage. Rather, I’m hoping to focus a bit more broadly on the critical–if ad hoc–global restructuring of the knowledge economybeing wrought by digital technology. That means looking at how cultural products are created today, how they’re commercialized, the significance of their mutability as digital objects and the policy debate over their proper role in wealth-creation, democratic discourse and technological innovation.

I’m also very much hoping it won’t be a monologue. I know from my work at Content Agenda and my previous experience covering the media and entertainment industries that there are many folks more qualified than me to address those issues and I hope they find their way to The Media Wonk and weigh in with comments.

For now, though, The Media Wonk remains a bit of a work in progress. I hope to begin posting regularly here soon, after I’ve dealt with a few other life details. So please bookmark the site and I’ll see you soon… — PS