July, 2009

Red flag for Blu-ray

This can’t be good news for Blu-ray: Singulus Technologies, a leading manufacturer of Blu-ray replication equipment, said Friday that sales of complete Blu-ray production lines fell sharply in the first half of 2009 and show no signs of improving over the second half. “[T]he optical disc market shows little impulses for the remaining months of the business year 2009,” the company said in a press release […]

Finally singing the right tune

For those with a deterministic view of digital technology’s impact on information economies, Brad Stone’s piece in the NYTimes this morning is a good read. Stone reports on the efforts of Polyphonic Music, the new venture formed by Radiohead manager Brian Message to invest directly in the careers of budding musicians. Polyphonic typically invests a few hundred thousand dollars in unsigned artists and then helps them […]

Missing data points in the IIPA copyright study

A couple of data points I would have liked to have seen but could not find in the study released Monday by the International Intellectual Property Alliance on the copyright industries’ $1.5 trillion contribution to U.S. GDP: 1)  What portion of the economic activity in what the report classify as “non-core” copyright industries is being counted toward that $1.5 trillion? Following classifications established by the World Intellectual Property Organization […]

Toshiba climbs aboard the Blu-ray lifeboat

Now we know why Toshiba is apparently ready to swallow its corporate pride and begin selling Blu-ray players: According to new projections by the Consumer Electronics Assn., sales of CE products are expected to drop 7.7% in 2009, to $165 billion, as the recession continues to grind away consumer spending. The one CE product category expected to show positive growth this year? Blu-ray Disc players. Unit shipments […]