Welcome to Concurrent Media

Concurrent Media is a new web site edited by Paul Sweeting, the blogger formerly known as The Media Wonk. After doing the Media Wonk blog for the past 18 months, more or less as a hobby, I’ve decided to focus my web efforts in a slightly different direction.

This site is published by Concurrent Media Strategies, my one-wonk consulting and publishing company based in Washington, DC. Like much of my consulting business, the site will focus primarily on the business, financial and cultural fallout from the worldwide evolution from the world of analog communications platforms and mechanical copies of creative works, to a world of digital networks and ephemeral, incidental copies.

Each day (give or take) I’ll use the front page of this site to identify and link to the most notable news stories and industry developments bearing on those issues, as best I can determine them. The goal is to provide regular readers (and of course clients) with a quick snapshot of what happened, why it might be significant, and where to find additional information.  I also hope to spark some dialog with others interested in similar issues.

To former Media Wonk readers who may have found their way here while looking for the old site, my deepest thanks for your interest, encouragement and loyalty over the past year and a half. I will shortly be importing the Media Wonk archives into Concurrent Media so the content remains searchable and accessible. Keep an eye out for further developments.

Please feel free to let me know what you think of the new site, even if you hate it (or me). Let me know if you think I’m missing big stories or over-emphasizing little ones. And please pass along news of upcoming events, conferences, announcements you may be involved in. You can contact me through the site, or by email at paul@concurrentmedia.com.

Most of all, if you like the site, tell your friends and colleagues.

Thank you.