Of course Best Buy is working on a tablet

Tablets A couple of photos tweeted Friday by Best Buy CTO and Geek Squad founder Robert Stephens has the folks at CrunchGear, and elsewhere, wondering aloud whether the electronics mega-retailer may be working on a tablet device to be marketed under Best Buy’s own brand. I can’t speak to the branding, but of course Best Buy is working on a tablet. What do you think all those moves in mobile lately have been about?

As long ago as last November, Best Buy began working with Sonic Solutions and Widevine Technologies to develop a video ecosystem for connected devices to be sold exclusively through Best Buy’s brick-and-mortar and online storefronts.

Last week, Sonic and Widevine announced plans to roll out a mobile movie delivery platform for the iPad, Android devices and BlackBerries. Among their first customers? Best Buy, along with Blockbuster and perhaps Sears.

Meanwhile, Best Buy announced plans to offer Clearwire’s 4G wireless broadband service as part of its recently unveiled Best Buy Connect network.

It’s hard to imagine what a Best Buy-branded mobile movie delivery service, plus a Best Buy wireless network, plus 4G adds up to if not a Best Buy tablet.

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