March, 2011

The price of policing piracy

Copyright Implementation of the U.K.’s already delayed Digital Economy Act is likely to be postponed again, this time until at least 2012. Two of England’s largest ISPs,  British Telecom and TalkTalk plan to challenge the law in court on Wednesday on grounds that it’s proposed curbs on file-sharing violate users’ basic rights and received inadequate Parliamentary scrutiny. Assuming the high court agrees to hear the challenge […]

Chris Dodd shows how not to make an entrance

Lobbying I’m not sure former-Senator Chris Dodd did himself any favors by giving an interview to the Times’ Maureen Dowd in his first week as CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America. The Sunday op-ed piece that resulted opened with Dodd waxing whimsically about the job he really wanted (“just down the street” at the White House) and closed with him damning Hollywood with faint […]

The Albanians strike back

Over-the-Top Back in December, Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes dismissed Netflix as a pip-squeak power in the media world, famously likening it to Albania. “It’s a little bit like, is the Albanian army going to take over the world?,” Bewkes told the New York Times. “I don’t think so.” Even a pip-squeak army can inflict damage, however, if it picks its spots. And this week, the Red […]

White House moves to deputize MPAA

Copyright The Obama Administration is looking to swear in copyright owners to help it catch DMCA violations at U.S. borders. In a new legislative proposals issued Tuesday, the Administration is asking Congress to let the Department of Homeland Security share samples of possible circumvention devices entering the country with rights owners prior to those devices being seized by DHS’ Customs and Border Patrol agents, to help […]

Dissing disintermediation

Online Video Needham Insights analyst Laura Martin and colleagues are out with an interesting report this week comparing and contrasting the demand curves for analog and digital entertainment goods, and the pricing implications of each. According to their analysis, demand for entertainment goods in the analog world, in this case consumers’ willingness to subscribe to a particular TV channel, is fairly inelastic, in that a change […]