Why some cord cutters still don’t want Apple TV

There are many more ways to stream video content than there were a few years ago, several of them are faster and more advanced technologically than Apple TV. The most basic Roku device to stream content to your TV costs $50, Google Inc.’s Chromecast costs $35 and Amazon’s Fire TV retails at $99 and the slightly more basic Fire TV Stick at $40. On Wednesday, Sony Corp. said it will roll out its new Internet TV service, PlayStation Vue, within the next two weeks in New York, Philadelphia and Chicago. Last year, Time Warner Cable updated its Roku app to include live and on-demand viewing and redesigned the interface to make it resemble a tablet screen rather than complex cable TV listings; content includes PBS and the Smithsonian Channel, among others.

via Why some cable cord cutters still don’t want Apple TV – MarketWatch.