Concurrent Media is published by Concurrent Media Strategies, LLC, a Washington, DC-based research, consulting and editorial services company specializing in strategic business, technology and policy issues facing producers and distributors of digital media content. The company was founded in 2010 by long-time media industry analyst and journalist Paul Sweeting.

The internet today has become the default platform for the on-demand delivery and consumption of movies, TV programs, user-generated videos, music, games, ebooks and nearly every other type of electronic media. At Concurrent Media, we’re focused on the next stage in the internet’s evolution as a media platform: the delivery and consumption of live and linear content meant to be viewed in real time.

From the techcropped-resized_logo_300_blue.jpgnical challenges of delivering millions of concurrent streams to the exponential growth in mobile media consumption, from the valuation of live and linear digital rights to measurement and monetization models, rights owners, advertisers, content aggregators and service providers today face similar and overlapping challenges as live and linear content increasingly goes “over-the-top.”

We aggregate and curate all the top news and analysis from around the web on the emerging business of live, linear and over-the-top media distribution and delivery to help you stay abreast of this dynamic area.

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About Concurrent Media Strategies, LLC

Concurrent Media Strategies was founded in 2010 by long-time industry analyst and journalist Paul Sweeting.