Paul Sweeting

Microsoft will offer PlayReady encryption for live streams on Azure Media Services

Microsoft will offer PlayReady encryption for live streams on Azure Media Services  The new feature should be interesting to big companies that pay Microsoft for software and have recently become more open to using cloud services. And a more full-fledged live-streaming service should help Microsoft make the argument that it’s distinct from other cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services and the Google Cloud Platform.

With Dish Deal, CBS Keeps It Basic


When CBS and Dish Network reached a new retransmission deal last weekend after a one-day blackout it looked like a clean win for the network. CBS got a hike in retransmission fees (although by how much we don’t know) and a commitment from Dish to disable the AutoHop ad-skipping DVR feature for CBS programs during the C7 window. Dish, on the other hand, came away without […]

As linear TV viewing falls, NBC tries some pixie dust


Nielsen reported data this week that confirmed what most people in the TV industry already knew: people are spending ever-less time watching TV  in the traditional manner, and ever-more time watching streamed content in a non-traditional manner. According to the ratings company’s third-quarter 2014 Total Audience Report(formerly the Cross Platform Report), total time spent watching traditional TV among adults fell 4.4 percent from the same quarter last year, […]

Washington meets Washington, warily


Jeff Bezos is, by all appearances, a press-shy recluse with a ruthlessly efficient approach to business and a Scrooge-like reputation as an employer. He will also now be, by virtue of his acquisition of the Washington Post, a highly sought after social and political power broker in a town full of preening narcissists, socially ambitious sycophants and hucksters. And that’s not even counting the politicians. Should be fun. […]

Measuring media


Few Americans may have noticed it but the American economy grew by $560 billion this week, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the office within the U.S. Commerce Department that calculates the official gross domestic product. The “growth” was a result of an accounting change — part of a major revision to how BEA calculates GDP going back to 1929. But it could have real world consequences. […]