Measuring media


Few Americans may have noticed it but the American economy grew by $560 billion this week, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the office within the U.S. Commerce Department that calculates the official gross domestic product. The “growth” was a result of an accounting change — part of a major revision to how BEA calculates GDP going back to 1929. But it could have real world consequences. […]

Blindsided in Marrakesh

Hadn’t yet seen this when I was writing the previous post (h/t reader JB) but it certainly speaks to why the MPAA might be looking to bolster its connections with U.S. trade authorities and the Obama Administration. The studio group had worked hard to limit the scope of the WIPO treaty on copyright exceptions for works for the blind, pressing U.S. negotiators to keep references to “fair use” […]

Copyright owners call in reinforcements


With the debate over copyright reform heating up both in the U.S. and abroad, copyright owners have been filling out their lobbying ranks. On Tuesday (7/16) the Motion Picture Assn. of America named former Democratic House staffer Shanna Winters to the new post of senior VP of global policy and external affairs, reporting to Michael O’Leary, senior executive VP of global policy. Winters spent eight years on […]

Slippery SOPA

Copyright Critics of the failed Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act (SOPA/PIPA) have been having some fun with some internal RIAA and IFPI materials regarding the music industry’s anti-piracy efforts that leaked to TorrentFreak last week. Part of the cache includes a PowerPoint presentation delivered by RIAA deputy general counsel Victoria Sheckler to IFPI members back in April (pdf). The critics are taking particular delight […]

Aereo combat: Why the networks should be worried

Copyright There are certainly cheaper markets to operate in than New York City. And if you were preparing to launch a risky media startup, you might be expected to try opening out of town, where the downside would be smaller, before taking your show to Broadway. Not so for Aereo, the Barry Diller-backed startup formerly know as Bamboom, which offers to stream broadcast TV channels to subscribers […]