Big Data’s Big Impact on the Future of Advertising 

Technology innovation will make it possible to trim a great deal of waste out of advertising by making it more precise. As advertising becomes more precise, it will become more efficient, which will drive up its ROI. This higher ROI will then lead to more investment in advertising. Yes, spending more, which many are reluctant to do, will become the attractive option, the smart business move.

Source: Big Data’s Big Impact on the Future of Advertising | Re/code

With Rumors Flying, Will It Be Summer of Consolidation in Ad Tech? 

Could Verizon’s $4.4 billion purchase of AOL spark a summer of acquisitions in the ad-tech space? It depends on whom you ask.

Yahoo has reportedly considered making Foursquare a big offer in recent weeks. The Google-purchasing-Twitter chatter has gone on for months and won’t die. Yelp is reportedly entertaining suitors from Yahoo to Google and Amazon, with some analysts speculating that foreign companies Alibaba and Rakuten are in the mix. Even mighty has found itself the subject of speculation about a Microsoft takeover.

Source: With Rumors Flying, Will It Be Summer of Consolidation in Ad Tech? | Adweek

Measuring the Previously Unmeasurable

Location signals derived from our mobile devices are the key to bringing traditional media measurement into the digital age. The industry has started to achieve that with in-store measurement, where the power of location has already proven to be an effective barometer for both desktop and mobile campaigns, as demonstrated by Placed, NinthDecimal, Factual and PlaceIQ, among others. Now, a similar application of location signals has the power to provide digital insights and audience optimization to offline media channels such as out-of-home (OOH) and terrestrial radio.

Source: Measuring the Previously Unmeasurable– AdExchanger