Morning read: Sony, Microsoft We-too Nintendo, Zucker gets one right

Slow news day unless your into games, in which case you can gorge yourself on news from E3 in LA. Both Sony and Microsoft introduced wireless motion-detection controllers for the PS3 and Xbox 360, respectively, aping Nintendo’s breakthrough wireless wand for the Wii. Write-ups here, here and just about everywhere.

Back here in Washington, the Justice Department is probing Google, Apple, Yahoo and Genentech on the possibility that they maintained an illegal conspiracy not to recruit each others’ executives, sources told the Washington Post.

jeff-zuckerThe morning’s most interesting item, though, is not really breaking news. It’s contained a the transcript of NBC CEO Jeff Zucker’s conversation with Kara Swisher at the D7 conference last week, and which the Wall Street Journal  has now posted.

In it, Zucker acknowledges something that has been too slow in dawning on media executives generally: scale–and the economies that go with it–is a thing of the past: Read More »

Morning read: Microsoft @ E3, BBC/Google, more

Microsoft’s kick-off presser at E3 in LA tops the news this moring. The big takeaway was the rollout of Project Natal for the Xbox 360, which uses a 3D video camera to let people control on-screen game action by moving their bodies, rather than with a Wii-like wand or thumb-busting hand-held controller (see reports here, here and here, and full press release here). In a show of marketing force, Microsoft brought out Steven Spielberg to demonstrate the new controller, followed by a joint appearance by Paul, Ringo, Yoko and George Harrison’s widow to demonstrate the Beatles Rock Band game.


For a non-gamer like Media Wonk, though, the more interesting news was the amped-up Xbox LIVE. Online network will drop downloading in favor of instant streaming of movies and bump the quality up to 1080p video and 5.1 channel audio. It also integrates Netflix’s streaming service, Web radio serve and live and on-demand TV from BSkyB (see here and here). Read More »