E-sports competition driving live OTT broadcasting

Given how much traffic it draws — to say nothing of suitors — it was inevitable that Twitch.tv would attract competitors. And now it has. Paris-based Dailymotion on Wednesday announced the launch of Dailymotion Games, a new live-streaming platform dedicated to gaming (h/t VentureBeat).

AbsnerdidtySHowoffAccording to the press release, gaming content already generates more than 180 million video views per month for Dailymotion, and according to comScore, and attracts more than 11 million unique visitors per month globally. With the new  platform,  broadcasters will be able to “create live streams, monitor them through a dedicated control panel and monetize their content via user-controlled video advertisements.”

The platform also incorporates a chat system  to allow for real-time conversations between live streamers and viewers.

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