Our Services


Concurrent Media Strategies founder Paul Sweeting spent more than 25 years as a journalist in New York, Los Angeles and Washington, DC, covering the intersecting worlds of media, technology and public policy for national publications. We provide professional, high-quality editorial services, including news reporting and analysis, editing and editorial planning, blog posts, curation, newsletters, white papers, thought-leadership pieces, conference and webinar hosting and moderation, and more.


With our deep knowledge base and extensive industry contacts Concurrent Media can deliver in-depth research, analysis and reporting into how the latest, cutting-edge technologies will impact how media content is created, distributed, licensed and monetized, from blockchain and asset tokenization to artificial intelligence and virtual reality to whatever comes next. We provide a global perspective on a wide range of media industry sectors, including music, movies and video, publishing, visual arts and video games.



As co-founders of the RightsTech Project, we work closely with many media-tech entrepreneurs, startups, developers and organizations. Whether you come from the media, technology or investment sector, we can provide strategic guidance and advice, help prepare fundraising materials, provide thought-leadership, and networking opportunities. Our conferences bring together a wide range of creative artists, media companies, technology developers, policy makers, and financial and legal professionals.