Broadcasters Should Give Up on Their Players and Let Platforms Aggregate Their VOD | VideoNet

Broadcasters have had a great run since 2007 dominating catch-up TV on multiscreen devices, with viewers watching their VOD content largely through broadcaster apps, but those days are coming to an end. That is the view of Decipher, the UK media consulting firm, which believes that the advent of sophisticated whole-home services that redistribute linear or on-demand content from a central STB/DVR server to multiscreen devices will make broadcaster ‘player’ apps redundant.

As we reported previously, Decipher believes platform operators need to deploy next-generation platforms with the ability to provide what it calls “multi-room on crack”. This involves a new multi-tuner and mega-memory media server that can transcode broadcast channels on-the-fly so IP versions can be streamed around the home to second televisions or portable devices.

via Broadcasters should give up on their players and let platforms aggregate their VOD | VideoNet.